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The Nature of Projects

Projects are a loosely defined entity with me. They represent more than a day's adventure in experimenting with something to do with Scheme, XML or the web. But they do not necessarily rise to the level of an expected end product. You'll notice one of my projects is entitled "My Adventures with SICP."; this is an example of a project which is ongoing, but when finished will not have a defined result. It is more like what you would expect to see in a blog; sort of day to day experiments, some of which make it to these pages. It may be that I eventually move these types of items off the projects page on simply publish them in the blog.

You will also find here multi person year undertakings, notably, keyScheme, which would satisfy anyone's definition of project, being an undertaking to build a new Scheme. And then there are projects that will likely never leave this page, like xmlServer, which are really large undertakings that never came to fruition, and for which there is no master plan that includes them being finished.

This is a new section of the web site, and as such you really only get a taxonomy (or vocabulary) for what it is that I'm busy doing. Eventually, these pages will become the home pages for their respective software and documentation within each project.

May 10 , 2007