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Scheme/XML Projects

xmlServer represents the very first project of any size I took on in Scheme. As it stands now it has a Red Black tree that implements the internal representation of a native XML database written entirely in Scheme. It utilizes a multithreaded messaging system to coordinate console user requests and database server processes. Communication between modules is further enhanced by the use of a structured symbol table realized from MzScheme's own thread safe hash table's. It was being actively developed until sometime mid-September 2006, when the need for a uniform and efficient method of documentation led to the project now known as Active Comments. I view this project as an introductory project into the world of Scheme programming, and have not returned to it yet because there are frankly so many more interesting projects on the table. Still, you may see some activity here if I ever get around to cleaning up two or three of the sub-systems of xmlServer, and publishing them to PlaneT as I keep threatening to do.


January 15, 2007