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This project has seen its share of ups and downs. It has been deprecated more than once, and even now exists as a concept more than a clearly defined project. The goal is to achieve an efficient standards based (read XML) method of documenting Scheme source files for a variety of future uses, not all known at this time. With the recent advent of a very successful proof of concept program called Format4Blog, this project should soon see more activity. Format4Blog takes a Scheme source file, that has been marked up with XML, HTML and MathML, all within the comments of the code so that the source file remains a fully operational program file, and converts it into a stylized PLT centric syntax colorized html document. It may also contain fully unrestrained MathML pros. And this is really at the heart of this project; writing code that can serve dual purpose as functional working code, and at the same time be an expressive language for expository comment on the code in particular or an algorithm in general. I'm really excited with the developments over even just the last few days.


January 15, 2007