Scheme from the Florida Keys
LiveRegexp v0.50
Beta release of LiveRegexp on its Way

This ones nearly out the door. Imagine being able to process text in a window, possibly loaded from a file, with a regular expression engine. powered by Scheme and your own custum definitions, as the results of the match streamed out into a separate window. Then imagine this happening in real time; responding to every character adjustment you make to a regular expression or one of your definitions, and nothing blows up if your syntax is invalid. LiveRegexp simply accomadates you until you once again have vallid syntax, and then the result of that change are displayed immediately.

Well folks it's already a realiity. I'm just polishing up the look and feel before releasing it on Keyscheme. And, of course, it's homepage will be right here, where it belongs. Stay tuned to, where it will be officially announced.


May 10, 2007