Scheme from the Florida Keys
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Scheme/XML Projects

What does the world need with yet another Scheme implementation? The question really is all turn about wrong. It's not what the world needs with another Scheme implementation that means anything what-so-ever. It's what could the world do with another Scheme implementer? Now that's a horse of a different color entirely. My chief design goal is to achieve a deeper understanding for the language that has so captivated me. But if you press me, I do have some actual engineering priorities upon which to base the many decisions along the way to having a working compiler/interpreter.

My number one goal is that its documentation be given first class status. That means comments will not be blindly thrown away as so much white space, but rather held to a syntax, just as formal as Scheme itself. An expository tool would be a high compliment to receive for my implementation of Scheme. Oh, and yeah, I'd like it to be zero day R6RS compliant. :)


January 15, 2007