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Dear schemekeys blog readers,

In case you have reached this page looking for source to the blog pages, let me assure you that your best source for the code is the blog articles themselves. Early on I had thought I would need a separate download area for code presented in the blog articles, but quickly determined that an even more efficient method was to make the blog articles executable Scheme code from the start, so that all you need to do is cut and paste, either the full article, or just the sections that your are interested in working on yourself. In the preface to each article you will find any support code required to run the examples smoothly, without change.

My suggestion is that you simply grab the support code from the latest article posted on the subject your interested in, as it includes everything you would need for any of the articles. Then you can cut and paste any interesting parts of earlier articles that you would like to use, and you should be set. One point of caution would be that the articles are complete source files, and occasionally some function will depend on previous definitions made within the article itself. If you have read the article these occasional dependencies should be obvious. If you do receive an identifier not defined error or some such error, look for that identifier earlier in the article, or simply copy the entire article to be sure.

The articles have stressed, but let me mention it here again, that it is important that you be running the very latest version of DrScheme available. The very latest binary version available for your platform will suffice and is available for download 24/7, with new releases being built every night. As of this writing, 2007-01-27, it appears that everything that was planned in the way of implementing delimited continuations has been installed and is stable. Version number wise, this means that if you have at least v369.3 you should be in good shape. You certainly don't need to be downloading every minor version that comes out on a daily basis. I believe the latest available to date is v369.6, but v396.3 is what I am currently using, and is quite stable.

It's free, and it's great software, so grab yourself a copy and join the fun.

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Drop me a note if you have problems with any of this stuff, I'll be glad to help


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